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We can manage the updates of your website in a short time, even hours for simpler updates or a few days for more complex updates. We charge a flat fee of $ 25 for each upgrade. With our model, you always know in advance how much every update request will cost exactly


Updates are handled on a per-instance basis for each page; this means that any and all changes to your content (from a single word to the entire page) are considered one update.


  1. If you need to change your phone number we charge a $25 fee

  2. If you ask for several changes to one page only we charge 25 $ fee

  3. If you ask for a change on your Home page, an addition to your About Us page, and several changes to your Services page we charge $25 x 3 or a $75 fee

  4. If you send one email in the morning asking for a change to your home page. Then in the afternoon, you send another email asking for a revision to that change. We will do the work, then do the work again, and charge you 2 x $25 or $50 fee

  5. If you send us a new logo to put in the header of your website. This header shows up on all pages of your website. We will add the logo to your header and charge you $25 x the number of pages on your site.

  6. You choose to upgrade your site, and you contact one of our designers to help create a new look for your header. Upon receiving a new logo and pictures for the header, one of our designers puts together a draft design for the header. You review this design; once you've approved it, one of our developers implements the new design on your site. You are charged $25 per page on your site.

  7. As above but you do not like the first design sent to you and you ask for a revision. You like the second one better but ask for a few changes. You love the 3rd design. We implement the 3rd design and charge you $25 per page of your website plus 2 x $25 revision fees.

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