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Our pricing tiers are set up so that the price does not depend on how much content you add to your site or on how long the pages are or what kind of content is on each page. The fee is based on the number of pages you choose to include. Update handling fees apply if you request revisions of the content that you have provided to us.


Everything that is part of the initial creation of the website, or the creation of each new page, is considered part of the setup.

This is the list of what is included:

  • A beautiful, functional, search-engine-friendly layout that will make your business or products look great!

  • Provides contents writing, editing, and organizing. Resizes, scans optimizes and acquires stock photography.

  • Revisions cycles during the build process and approval review before launch

  • Testing with typing error checking, button operation, and verification of notifications arriving at the correct email address

  • Provide all the instructions of a purchase domain name, payments setting, purchase of possible platform plans

  • Google Search Console (a free service offered by Google that helps you, monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results) support.

  • All the contents are included in the web design development section. Learn more

More information about our process? Click here

Approvals Work

First, your new website will be set up in a development area. Before the site can be published on the web for all to see, you will get a chance to review, proofread, and approve the site from a link to your "test" site.

If you already have a website, you can leave it as is until you are happy with your new one. That way, you won't be without a website at any point, nor will you be embarrassed by a website made public without your approval.

Setup One Page At A Time

Therefore, we encourage you to make your content public as soon as it is ready. The amount of money you pay us will be the same either way: whether or not you wait to publish all of your content at once or publish it as you go along.

This is good for the Search Engines because they flag your site as being "active", plus your clients will have some content to see as soon as possible

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